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Where We're Passionate about Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Remediation in Nigeria

Mary-Elika Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization passionately committed to environmental sustainability development and climate change remediation in Nigeria.The Foundation primarily provides diverse specialized consulting and management services in environment and sustainable development to improve the quality of life on our planet for the present as well as for future generations. We employ the simple paradigm of participatory approached as the major tool of information dissemination.

The Foundation engages in the following programme and projects:

Our Services

The Green House Farms and Resorts is a business component of the Foundation where the above products, training and services are given at a subsidized rate to our clients. The School Environment Club (ECO-Club) is being hosted under The Green House Project and in seventeen (17) Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and its suburb. It came on the strength of the consideration that the youths are the fulcrum of any society, and for sustainability to be assured, the youths must be carried along right from the cradle to the educational process aimed at giving them the desired orientation so as to champion environmental leadership now and in the future.

Our Mission

To Improve the Quality of Life for Present and Future Generations

Our Vision

A Greener and Healthier Nigeria

Our Approach

Participatory Engagement with Stakeholders

Our Commitments

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Remediation

The Green House Farms and Resorts sounds is a commendable initiative that provides products, training, and services related to environmental sustainability at subsidized rates. The School Environment Club (ECO-Club) hosted under The Green House Project is a particularly promising endeavor, aiming to engage youth in promoting environmental leadership through various activities:

  • Tree Planting: Planting trees is crucial for environmental conservation, as trees help combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen.

  • Health Education: Educating students about the environmental factors that affect health and well-being is essential for fostering a holistic understanding of sustainability.

  • Recycling/Waste Management: Teaching students about proper waste disposal and recycling methods is vital for reducing environmental pollution and promoting responsible consumption.

Why Choose Us!

The Green House Farms & Resorts

  • Awareness about Global Warming: Raising awareness about the consequences of global warming is essential to encourage responsible actions to mitigate its effects.
  • Awareness on alternative energy sources and utilization: Educating students about alternative and renewable energy sources is crucial for a sustainable future, as it promotes the transition away from fossil fuels.

These activities align with the goal of nurturing environmentally conscious leaders among young people, which is essential for a more sustainable future. 

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