Mary-Elike Foundation


About the Mary-Elike Foundation

Mary-Elika Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization passionately committed to environmental sustainability development and climate change remediation in Nigeria.

The Foundation primarily provides diverse specialized consulting and management services in environment and sustainable development to improve the quality of life on our planet for the present as well as for future generations.

We employ the simple paradigm of participatory approached as the major tool of information dissemination.  main thrust of the strategic plan is based on a participatory approach – this is the engagement of all stakeholders in the development process at all levels of project implementation; Planning, Project Design, Project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

The main goals and aims of the project implementation strategy are as follows:

  • To enhance community participation and voluntarism in the community projects.
  • Engender a spirit of ownership of all community initiated projects.
  • Build capacity/empower the local people to spearhead the projects activities that are aimed to bring about improvement to their environment and their health.
  • Instill a culture of hard work and environmental management consciousness.
  • Influence behavioural change through educational awareness campaign and sensitisation of the local community in healthy living habits.
  • Promote sustainable models of eco-village concepts and Environmental best practices.
  • Provide solutions to environmental concerns. 

As part of her aim in supporting the government and promoting the ecosystem, the Foundation saw the need to add her voice in the correction of the plethora of environmental challenges we face in our communities today as a result of our action or inaction.

This has therefore led the Foundation in choosing varied approaches, involving all strata of the Nigeria population, particularly the youths, having discovered that they represent a huge size of the population.

In this regards with assistance from volunteers, the Foundation engages in the following programme and projects:

  • Establishment of School Environmental Clubs.
  • Eco Farms Tourist Centre Nigeria.
  • Model Green States Awards Amongst others

The Green House Farms & Resorts

GREEN HOUSE FARMS AND RESORTS is a unique integrated farm business concept designed to capture a number of agricultural production interest and upholding environmental values as a watchword.

The farm stands on 2 hectares of land situated at Loko /Karshi district in Nasarawa State and is structured to carter for the listed activities

THREE capacity concrete pond for raising of fishes Over 2000 economy trees planted around the area and 30,000 ornamental plants the aim of achieving economic benefits as well as providing a friendly and convivial atmosphere for relaxation intended to take away the stress of work for individuals, family, groups and love birds. The Resort  also offer a memorable catering and recreational opportunities, which serves as and outlets for sales of the farm products: prepared into different African and foreign cuisines.

The recreational area is structured with:- 700 seater event hall 16 beautifully designed bush gardens A standard stage for live band performance Construction of 20 No chalets (accommodation). An extended open green area for snooker, valley ball, table tennis, gym and work out. The Green House Farms and Resorts is a business component of the Foundation where the above products, training and services are given at a subsidized rate to our clients. The School Environment Club (ECO-Club) is being hosted under The Green House Project and in seventeen (17) Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and its suburb.

It came on the strength of the consideration that the youths are the fulcrum of any society, and for sustainability to be assured, the youths must be carried along right from the cradle to the educational process aimed at giving them the desired orientation so as to champion environmental leadership now and in the future.

  • Tree Planting,
  • Health Education,
  • Recycling/Waste Management Awareness about Global Warming Awareness on alternative energy source and utilization.


Our mission is to serve as a beacon of change, inspiring individuals and communities across Nigeria to come together, embrace sustainable practices, and work tirelessly towards a greener, more resilient future.


Our vision is to create a future where the environment thrives, communities are healthier, and our nation stands as a shining example of sustainability and well-being for all its citizens.


Passion for Sustainability: We're driven by a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and positive change.